Artist Statement

My name is Ashley August and I’d like to tell you a story about a woman with blackbirds over her heart.

It is said that blackbirds represent a commitment to higher knowledge and an acceptance of the unknown. They represent a devotion to transformation, to change as your surroundings demand you to, but to always keep in mind your true spirit.

The moment I saw my birds, I knew I had to make them a permanent part of who I am – professionally and as an artist. My birds appear before films I’ve produced, they reside on my business card and, most importantly, they fly over my heart, permanently inked on my skin.

My birds have guided me through long nights, through doubt and confusion and have reminded me to persevere – to stay true to who I am as an artist. To remember why I flew into this industry without hesitation.

Because I want to tell stories. Because I want to captivate audiences with my words and stories. I want them to scream in horror, I want them to cry when their heart aches– but most of all I want them to leap from their seats and demand ‘More! More!’.

My name is Ashley August and I’m the woman with blackbirds over her heart.


Ashley August 

Producer. Makeup Artist. Storyteller.